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Reach your full potential

Live a fulfilling and healthy life


I am Ashley, a counsellor who puts you at the heart of the counselling process.  As a person-centred therapist I believe that every individual has the capacity to grow and reach their full potential given the right conditions in life. 

"Life is about being and becoming."

Carl Rogers

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Anxiety and depression

Anxiety is used to describe feelings of worry, fear and unease. Typically, it incorporates both the emotional and physical sensations we experience when worried or nervous.

Work Stress

When you enjoy your job, it can provide happiness and fulfilment. But, when work is causing you stress and unhappiness, it can take over your life.

Sexuality and gender identity

Our sexuality and gender can form a big part of our identity and those who don’t fit society’s heteronormative ideal can come up against more challenges


Relationships are a key part of our lives. They bring happiness and support, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy. When we encounter problems in our relationships, it can be difficult to know where to turn.


If you have experienced the death of someone who was important to you, you might be finding it difficult to adjust to the changes happening in your life right now. Grief can shake everything up - your beliefs, your routines, and even your sense of normality. 


There are many different types of abuse. Commonly known forms of abuse include domestic violence, child abuse, and emotional abuse. It’s important to know that any kind of behaviour that deliberately causes harm or upset can be considered abuse.

"I was sceptical about attending counselling as I had no idea how it worked and even if it would.  But I am very glad that I did try it as it has helped me through a very difficult time."

Client (anonymous)

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